Turbochargers helping the world to move further

Accelleron Capital Markets Day – turbochargers helping the world to move further, more efficiently and more sustainably

  • Preferred partner supporting global marine, energy and rail/off-highway industries towards energy-efficient propulsion and decarbonization
  • Leading market position and global megatrends drive sustainable revenue growth, attractive margins and strong cash conversion
  • Intention to distribute 50 to 70% of reported net income as dividends

Accelleron Industries AG (formerly ABB Turbocharging), a global leader in high-power turbochargers for mission-critical applications, will host its Capital Markets Day today, August 31, 2022, starting at 11:00 CEST in Baden. Accelleron’s CEO, Daniel Bischofberger, and his executive leadership team will guide participants through Accelleron’s leading position in its attractive end markets, the opportunities presented by the company’s key role in the transition to renewable energy, sustainable transportation solutions and key technological developments. The presentation will also cover Accelleron’s business strategy, its financial profile as well as the company’s mid-term targets.

“Our technology is supporting the decarbonization of industries that are critical to modern life,” said Daniel Bischofberger. “Heavy transportation is a sector that has been long overlooked but is key to decarbonizing the economy, and we are proud to be at the epicenter of its transformation. Our leading market position, which is based on our unmatched product and service offerings and is reflected in Accelleron’s strong financial profile, is allowing us to invest in further growth and innovation. Together, we are proud to be helping the world to move further, more efficiently and more sustainably.”

Sustainability to drive further growth

Sustainability is at the core of Accelleron’s business, and will provide significant opportunities for the company as the global challenge of decarbonizing essential industries is at a turning point. Within the marine, energy and rail sectors, Accelleron’s turbochargers and associated digital solutions play a critical role in making engines more powerful and efficient, while also reducing emissions without loss of power. Today, Accelleron operates in line with ABB’s sustainability strategy, but the company is in the process of establishing its own sustainability framework and policies. Accelleron’s environmental and social targets will be linked to, and reflected in, the executive compensation.

Accelleron has already made significant progress in limiting its environmental footprint, reducing its scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions by 50 percent over the past three years. A further 60 percent reduction is planned by 2030, which is expected to be achieved via a transition to green electricity and test facilities that are expected to start using green fuels this year. At the same time, the company is in the process of quantifying its scope 3 CO2 emissions and plans to incorporate ethical and social responsibility considerations into its sustainability framework.

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