Running an EV charging business

Ev charging business: what you need to know

Running an EV charging business is more than just buying a bunch of EV chargers. Future-proof charging services include user-friendly tools for EV drivers, payment and billing solutions for EV charging, smart energy features, and management tools for business owners.

According to a 2020 survey the majority of EV owners surveyed who already have an charger in their home and pay about 75 cents per hour for utilities are willing to spend as much as 3 USD – Paid in USD per hour for public charging solutions.

Here are some examples of how adding a public EV charging station can make your existing business more profitable and a source of revenue in its own right.

To start with, we can quickly review how an electric car works.

To start an EV charging station you need to partner with an EV charging company that offers EV charging solutions. The charging solution should include the software that makes it possible to charge for the charging itself and the software to control the charger.

Conneting Charger

Electric vehicle charging software is an essential part of connected electric vehicle charging stations. Connected EV charging stations are typically connected to the EV charging network via WiFi. EV charging software allows owners and operators of (EV CPO)charging stations to control accessibility, set and change charging fees, report charging status and perform routine maintenance.

A software supplier makes it possible for you to use a white label solution that minimizes your own start-up costs. Allows you to customize your own charging station even if you use the software vendor’s product. You can therefore focus on getting your charging stations up and connecting with different hubs to make eRoaming available.

Increasing sales by adding your stations via e.g. hubject and let all electric car drivers charge their cars via your charging station regardless of which electricity supplier they have. This is a new revenue stream to an existing business and the number one option most businesses consider when looking for a commercial electric vehicle charging station. By charging existing customers, you can simply take and monetize an asset (parking space) that you already own or manage.

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