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Science & Technology: The Role of EV Charging Management & Software in Environment-friendly Electric Cars

Science and Technology are constantly evolving and improving our lives in ways we never thought possible. One of the most significant ways technology has impacted our lives is through the development of electric cars. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. …

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Revolutionizing EV Charging: Science & Technology for Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Science and Technology: Revolutionizing Electric Car Charging and the Environment Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as people become more environmentally conscious. However, one of the biggest challenges facing EV owners is finding a reliable and efficient way to charge their vehicles. Fortunately, science and technology are coming together to revolutionize the way we …

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Installing and Maintaining Charging Infrastructure

Charging Infrastructure

The electric car charging industry is a complex ecosystem that involves multiple players and areas of expertise. There are several different areas that must work together for society to successfully convert the fossil-fueled vehicle fleet to an electric vehicle fleet. Electric Vehicle Manufacturers – The first area that must work for society to convert to …

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Lack of charging infrastructure

Charging infrastructure

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become popular in recent years as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. One of the biggest challenges that still needs to be addressed to make EVs more widely adopted is the lack of charging infrastructure. To support the growing number of electric cars on the road, …

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EU project will provide roughly 400 new charging points for electric boats

Eletric boats

Over 400 new charging points for electric boats in harbors along the coast from Gothenburg all the way to Kristansand in Norway’s Sørlandet. It is part of the content of a Swedish-Norwegian cooperation project that has now been granted EU funds. With a distinct recreational boating culture, many ports, marine destinations and a tradition of …

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Running an EV charging business

Ev Charging Business

Ev charging business: what you need to know Running an EV charging business is more than just buying a bunch of EV chargers. Future-proof charging services include user-friendly tools for EV drivers, payment and billing solutions for EV charging, smart energy features, and management tools for business owners. According to a 2020 survey the majority …

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The climate policy goals can be reached in time

Climate Policy EV Charging

With more electric cars and increased biofuel use, the climate policy goals can be reached in time If you want to reduce the transport sector’s fossil carbon dioxide emissions and reach politically set climate goals, both increased electrification and increased use of biofuels are required. In order to reach the set targets for reduced greenhouse …

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