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Transport sector can reach climate targets

Reach Climate Targets

The goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from domestic transport by 2030 can be reached – but it is important that decided control measures are maintained and supplemented with new ones to make the transition robust and long-term sustainable. Need for adjustments and additional instruments and measures, not least in light of the goal …

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Oil gone from Sweden’s most environmentally dangerous wreck

dangerous wreck

Skytteren has been classified as Sweden’s most environmentally dangerous wreck. Now 175,000 liters of oil and water mixed with oil have been removed from the wreck outside Lysekil. Skytteren which is located in an archipelago with very sensitive nature, is thus drained of oil. It feels very satisfying to know that this large amount of …

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GhostGuard shows ghost nets and wrecks

GhostGuard Web Tool

In the GhostGuard web tool, there is the possibility to report lost or found fishing gear. A novelty is now that also registered maritime remains, such as shipwrecks, are visible on the same map. For anyone searching for lost fishing gear, it is a great advantage to be able to quickly and on the same …

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