Electric car charging

Climate change must go faster. We must seriously address the climate issue – it is one of the fateful issues of our time. In ten years, emissions from new passenger cars in Sweden have been halved, largely thanks to electrification. More electric cars require new infrastructure with charging station. We see that more companies invest in innovative software for electric car charging, but the number must increase.

The investment in charging points requires both foresight and the ability to balance. It is not technically possible to install charging stations everywhere, and a balance needs to be found between demand and expansion.

More and more people are getting electric cars and the need for electric car charging is increasing sharply. However, many are still hindered by a lack of charging facilities in connection with the home. For condominium associations and communities, it is important to quickly find and establish charging solutions that meet the needs of the members. But what should you think about?

The number of electric cars is increasing rapidly. A survey by the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association shows that the second biggest obstacle to buying an electric car in Sweden is the lack of charging facilities at home, the biggest obstacle is still the purchase price. The best charging location is the car’s regular parking space, which is often found next to the home. Many condominium associations and communities must now quickly find and establish charging solutions to avoid a situation where the residents take their own initiative, something that can be both expensive and problematic.

As a condominium association or community, it is a great advantage to have a comprehensive approach to current and future needs before the residents start establishing their own solutions, something that quickly becomes ineffective and unmanageable. A well-planned common solution will be better and cheaper for everyone. Here are some things that are important to keep in mind:

Plan for a fair and efficient charging layout by evaluating current charging needs, but taking into account future charging needs. It is common to start with a few charging points and then expand when necessary. To make it available for everyone to charge, that electricity must be distributed fairly. Many condominium associations and communities are worried that the electricity will not be enough and that they will have to increase the main fuse to get a charging facility in place. However, smart load balancing solutions make this unnecessary in the vast majority of cases.

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