Climate change is one of the biggest threats to humanity

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to humanity, and it could be devastating Impact on people, the environment and the economy. Therefore, it is necessary for us to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Global warming is inevitable no matter what we do, and it is already in progress. The negative effects of climate warming are already evident.

We must adapt quickly to a changing climate now, the EU recommends that we seize the opportunity. Make sure we change our lifestyles at the same time to be better, fairer and healthier. Our mission must be focused to speed up preparations for electrification and and empower Europe to deal with warming and other problems.

Europe must be quicker to adjust. Governments must help facilitate the transition for e.g. electric cars and the transition from fossil fuels to greener electricity. Read article on how to help speed up electrification.

It is about collaborations between electric car manufacturers, charging box manufacturers and the government to stimulate growth in the right direction.

Municipalities and districts should be helped to develop a vision of how to protect themselves from harm Climate risks and the shift to a society where people want to live, such as A greener, fairer, more prosperous and more equal society. In order to achieve this Vision we need to combine knowledge and solutions from different fields of study, as well as knowledge.

At the local level, there are already many different measures, solutions and tools that can help us reduce the climate risks, but many of them are not applied in a uniform way or have not been tested in real life conditions. Our mission is to link these innovative solutions across borders and make it possible to scale them up.

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