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EU project will provide roughly 400 new charging points for electric boats

Eletric boats

Over 400 new charging points for electric boats in harbors along the coast from Gothenburg all the way to Kristansand in Norway’s Sørlandet. It is part of the content of a Swedish-Norwegian cooperation project that has now been granted EU funds. With a distinct recreational boating culture, many ports, marine destinations and a tradition of …

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Turbochargers helping the world to move further

Ferry in port - Turbochargers

Accelleron Capital Markets Day – turbochargers helping the world to move further, more efficiently and more sustainably Preferred partner supporting global marine, energy and rail/off-highway industries towards energy-efficient propulsion and decarbonization Leading market position and global megatrends drive sustainable revenue growth, attractive margins and strong cash conversion Intention to distribute 50 to 70% of reported …

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Oil gone from Sweden’s most environmentally dangerous wreck

dangerous wreck

Skytteren has been classified as Sweden’s most environmentally dangerous wreck. Now 175,000 liters of oil and water mixed with oil have been removed from the wreck outside Lysekil. Skytteren which is located in an archipelago with very sensitive nature, is thus drained of oil. It feels very satisfying to know that this large amount of …

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